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 When you are thinking of a place to relax and unwind, please come into my AJ Foot Relax in Southwest, Houston just head of right side Bellaire Blvd from Beltway 8 straight down between Kirkwood Rd and closely to corner of Cook Rd.  Our professional massage therapists are well trained to help you to release for strees from your day of work, and soothing your tired feet level at an affordable price. We know how easy it is to be affected by stress and emotions and massage therapy is one way to fight against stress and worry. 
Using the ancient art of Chinese Reflexology, we provide you with the most enjoyable foot massage experience to heal your mind, body, and soul.
Not only do our expert therapists relieve your stress and fatigue, but they can also help you restore the balance and harmony within your body.

Our mission is to provide a clean, relaxing environment where you are treated by professional massage therapists for your foot reflexology and body. We hope you enjoy, de-stress, and relax while we give your body the treatments it needs.

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 At AJ Foot Relax & Skin Care we encourage appointments, but walk-ins are always welcome.

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                                                12148 Bellaire Blvd # 117                  
                                                Houston, TX 77072
                                                Phone: 281-495-6405
                                                Cell: 832-495-2442
                                                Open Hour: 10AM - 10PM
                                                       Monday - Sunday

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